Twenty years since the last edition, returns in Milan the Triennale and consecrates the bicycle as a design object. But not only this”.

NewCraft - Mopbike

NewCraft – 21 Triennale

Crossroads of artistic genius and thought at 360°, of social and business trends, the Triennale International Exhibition of Milan reopens after twenty years of absence with its XXI edition.

The title “21st Century. Design after Design”, escape any doubt as to what are the source of inspiration, and the objective of the event.

In its eighty years and over of history, this exhibition has attracted and promoted architects likes of Mies van der Rohe, Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Aldo Rossi and artists such as De Chirico, Sironi, Carrà, Fontana, Pomodoro, but also stimulated surveys and reflections about vital interweaving among art, society and business.

Faithful to this focus, the Triennale returns as a multidisciplinary incubator to stimulate reflection on the present and the future of design and manufacturing models as well as the most innovative expressions and design applications.

From the 2nd of April to the 30th of September, this union trial-action will involve as many as 30 countries, sealing the cosmopolitan spirit of the Triennale, and find expression in 20 exhibitions, hosted in 12 locations chosen among the most beautiful places in Milan and Monza.

In particular, the evocative “Fabbrica del Vapore” will be the location of the exhibition “New Craft” on the concept of the project as innovation.

Developed in collaboration with the Foundation Cologni and supported by Vacheron Constantin, the historic Maison of Geneva patron of arts and crafts in Europe, “New Craft” was conceived and curated by Stefano Micelli, Venetian economist reserchear of contamination between artisan and global economy work.

This project investigates the virtuous synergy between manufacturing and technology, design and competitive edge, between the “know how to make to the best” of the workshop tradition, and  “know how to create the best” of more visionary innovation more.

For five months la Frabbrica del Vapore will host objects and processes related to different productive sectors: printing, furniture, jewelry and clothing, materialsfor prothesis, steel and wood, till to the car and the bicycle.

This year, the Triennale with “New Craft” recognizes the Bike formally as the possible coexistence of indestructible craftsmen values, of valued stylistic creativity and of rigorous technological application.


And then?


In this context of physical space but mainly of design and vision of the vehicle, that Mopbike – with a jump of happiness- was invited to be part of New Craft.
So much flattered and prouded, we have decided to realize our presence exposing an electric bike model, the “H” Hybrid, synthesis of tailoring made ​​in Italy production, design of forms and technology at the service of man and his environment.



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Fabbrica del Vapore