Prof. Micelli tells the craftman’s technological Renaissance in “Il Sole 24 Ore” newspaper

Since Stefano Micelli and Paolo Manfredi invited us to follow them in their adventure represented by the exhibition New Craft, during the 21st Triennale, somehow they have started to follow us; this sharing at different levels is bringing us a new awarness to be a concrete project part of the so-called Third Industrial Revolution.


Mopbike - Il Sole 24 Ore

“The producers of the New Made in Italy use the digital to expand the art of customize. Towards the economy of the tailor made

A new Renaissance, where the artisan know-how meets the innovation technology creating a unique product, tailor made, made in Italy, of a very high quality, results of e new consumer-producer relationship.

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We don’t love to talk about us, as we prefer do the things, but this mention in the “Il Sole 24 Ore” of the economist really like us.


Stefano Micelli: curator and ideator of New Craft Exhibition, writer, teachs at International Management Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. For several years he talks about the relationship between manufacturing and digital cultur, focused on the future of Itay in the international economy.
Paolo Manfredi: curator of bicycle section, responsible of Digital Strategies of Confartigianato and author of the book “L’economia del su misura – Artigiani, Innovazione, Digitale


Mopbike “H” Hybrid with Zehus Bike+ – Limitless riding


Mopbike “H” Hybrid with Zehus Bike+


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