“As requested by the customer”

Mopbike range is already a custom design project, personalized with and for the customer but under the effigy “øfficine speciali” we put the piece, that component that is history, development and larger study. In this case the McLaren DP – 16 model, we accelerated .

McLaren – DP16 originates from a race bike , fixed gear, ​​entirely handmade as all Mopbike, to customer specification requests.


The coat reproduce the McLaren F1 cars of the 2010s, a passion of the customer; the special coloring gives it an aggressive style but at the same time simple.

The bike mount carbon fiber wheels and the front brake – for safety – is CNC billet.

The backlight is the other characterization style from “⌀fficine speciali“: Alu bracket CNC billet and red LED light aluminum dual function.