Last sunday – 15th of May – the newscast TG5, one of the main italian TV channel, has explained the Italian and European bicycle world, cycling holidays and the “Made in Italy”.

“Bicycle that passion” saying “healthy and good also for artisan sector”. Paolo Manfredi of Confartigianato has presented the manufacture evolution and the bicycle use in Italy and Europe.

The TV Channel talks of “master craftsmen who are rebuilding the shops like Leonardo da Vinci” but also “an union between genius and two wheels”. Whole works you can see and touch till September in “La Fabbrica del Vapore” show in Milan – 21 Triennale.

At the end of the video briefly explains the operation of our “H” Hybrid exposed,

A new craft pulling movement is emerging; and it became clear that in a world that uses the bicycle as means of daily mobility, is becoming ever more quality and personalization

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