Spring season is coming and the desire to pedal is growing up; many new bicycle paths are coming in the world everywhere, others are improving and many of those have covered from bicycle lovers.

Contaminated by all this, we asked, “Why not make a jersey?”

Obviously for us it is understood that the jersey should be as close as possible to the Mopbike vision, so:

  • made in Italy
  • High Quality
  • Stylish

The last point maybe is taking sides but if you’re reading this maybe you don’t dislike this 😉


Mopbike Jersey Made in Italy

Mopbike Jersey Made in Italy

We wanted to do something for anyone who loves bicycle and pedaling en plain-air. An object that can be bought, used, gifted and why not, exhibit.

Mopbike Jersey Made in Italy

Mopbike Jersey Made in Italy

These are the premises to launch the first Mopbike collection, developed with Bikeinside, a company that forms part of a circle of friends with the same vision of the world;) and with which we have made a journey along the path of working life.

Mopbike Jersey Made in Italy



Short sleeve jersey that is anatomically cut and also sporty.  It’s made of a fabric of micro capillary channels which allow rapid evaporation and quick drying. This very soft elastic shirt fits all sizes thanks to the stretch side inserts.

  • Lowered neck and long covered zipper lock
  • Regular fit and Anatomical cut
  • Breathable microfiber sport fabric
  • stretch side inserts for a better fit
  • Elastic fabric in the sleeve cuffs
  • Silicon elastic waist band
  • Rear pockets

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