We beat all records

  • The first hybrid bike in the world
  • The lightest one, 11.9 Kg
  • The first tailor made e-bike
  • It is charged by pedaling, KERS

The e-bike “H” Hybrid, born in 2014, is a collection of innovation and craftsmanship. “H” Hybrid with the Zehus system is a means of transport, a tireless travel companion, designed to go to the office without sweating or to go climbing and descending the hills with targets beyond your expectations.

Designed and hand-made in Italy

The first hand-made and custom-made bicycle with pedal assistance.

The Mopbike “H” Hybrid represents a new concept of electric bicycle: it is equipped with an innovative push system made by the Politecnico di Milano (Zehus) called Bike+ All in One, a patented technology that optimizes the cyclist’s energy while pedaling.

Innovation at your disposal

The Mopbike “H” when used as bike+ Is completely autarchic, i.e. independent of traditional energy sources. When you pedal, it assists you but also recharges by providing an almost “infinite” e-bike thanks to the technology BIKE+;

Even braking is exploited in an advanced way: the system uses a technology called the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) which is used today by Formula One cars; this system allows you to recharge the battery simply by pedaling back and by  simultaneously slowing the bike ride.

The “H” HYBRID Is an e-bike that incorporates the typical elegance, style and quality of all our bicycles, in addition to the innovation of this sophisticated 250W electric system, making it the most lightweightl bike with pedal assistance with only 11.9 Kg of total weight.

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The “H” Hybrid  connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the Bit Ride application.

Thanks to the application, you can change the level of assistance, know the miles, the slope of the ground, the output watts used for the pedaling assistance and watts input, or received from the regenerative brake.

H” Hybrid Is not a common pedal-assisted bike!

The “H” Hybrid can be charged as a normal e-bike with wall socket and a standard power supply, but the unique feature of its kind is that the “H” Hybrid offers a unique system in the world; Zehus Bike+ All in One has the ability to recharge when you pedal and thanks to the torque sensors is able to recognize the push given through the pedals; a gradient sensor detects the ground and changes its behavior in real time. When you go uphill it is able to push to reduce your effort whereas when you go downhill, it converts the produced energy into electricity to recharge the battery.

START up hill
start down hill

There is a hybrid for everyone

Our hybrid experience started in 2014 with an innovative bike: the “H” Chocolate. Since then, our Hybrid family has grown, and today we offer our customers different hybrid models to choose from – a model for all your needs. Whether you are looking for a bike suited to the urban environment, or want to travel around the world with some luggage, we are sure to have the right answer to your needs. Urban e-bike, e-gravel, e-grindure, man and woman.


Frame: Aluminum tailor-made*
Fork: Carbon
Head Set: Semi-integrated 1″ 1/8
Trasmissione: belt / chain*
Motor: Hub Zehus Bike+ All in one
Gear: single speed
Crank set: Shimano Alfine Hollowtech II
Bottom Bracket: Shimano Alfine Hollowtech II
Pedals: Aluminum
Stem: Aluminum Mopbike
Handle bar: Riser/Race/Bikeporter*
Brake lever: Aluminum
Saddle: Mopbike skin
Grip/Tape: Skin
Seat post: Aluminum/Carbon*
Wheels: Aluminum high profile
Brake: Shimano/Tektro
Tyres: Michelin Dynamic Sport 700×28*
Weight: 11,9 Kg
Available Colors;
Metallic anthracite grey
Bright red
Other colors on request*


* options