Mopbike in 3 words?

  • passion
  • bike
  • artisan 2.0


Passion for beautiful things, those functionals, of quality, handmade, exclusive and Made in Italy, real. “One thing can’t be beautiful if it is not of quality”.

Bicycle, which may seem obvious, but it is not. Today bike means a lot: means environment, civic sense, savings, health, well-being and freedom.

Artisan 2.0. We always say: “look at the past with the eyes of today and tomorrow.” We combine to the craftsmanship production, up to date techniques and technologies.

An example,we are among the few in the world to use a load-bearing component of the aluminum frame made with 3D printing from aeronautical origin.

The aesthetic research is combined with an innovative technological design to offer unique items, destined to last over time, always with the best performance




Our bicycles are made with and for the customer to transmit almost intimate personal experience with its realization.
To do this we made technological and high quality techniques choices.

We use light aluminum alloy Dedacciai tubes of high range based on decades of an ultra evolution in the definition of the diameters, of the forms and thicknesses of the elements constituting the frame.

The realization of this type of product takes place thanks to the integration between the wire drawing technology differentiated thickness and the design finite element (FEM); this combination allows to obtain tubes with a considerable reduction of weight among the most and the less stressed sections.

The frame is made and subsequently TIG welded entirely by hand by an expert craftsman.

All Mopbike are subjected, before coating, to the chromate treatment: an anti-corrosion process that ensures its resistance to atmospheric agents over time and ensures the adhesion between the metal and the subsequent organic layers applied such as paints.

Our bicycles are painted entirely by liquid and with 5 layers of paint by. Nothing of industrial.

3D print
3D print. Today we are among the few or perhaps the only ones to use the load-bearing chassis components made ​​with additive technology of 3D printing.

We use HOLLOWTECH II Shimano system which offers significant advantages :
-low weight
-rotation performance
-hollow forged crank / empty
-axis 24 mm vacuum and external bearings for added stability.