"We have a dream, a world of freedom"


My name is Massimo and if you are on this page, I suppose that you are interested in knowing who we are and what we do. And you are right!

If you come from the home page, you know already that we produce:

– handcrafted bicycles
– tailored for you and with you
– entirely made in Italy #realmadeinitaly
– of high manufacturing and quality
– to minimize maintenance
– and made so that you can think only about having fun pedaling
– conventional or E-bike

Otherwise, you have just read it!

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 Sports enthusiasts in general, outdoors, health and wellbeing and with the heart oriented to the environment; 

I, Massimo:

I have always been passionate about a multitude of seemingly unrelated things such as: design, art, technology but also history, writing, creativity and fitness, just to mention some; experimenter, insatiably curious and ​biker​.

After several experiences working in companies I realized that this “generic curiosity” was one strong point to exploit.

The years of active use of the two wheels and the managerial experiences have been  useful to develop the idea of transforming my passion into something more concrete.

So, I’ve collected everything, developed the ability to make on paper what was in my mind with that of getting dirty hands and I gave birth to Mopbike.

—-«I had been thinking about it for several years. I travel a lot and my dream was to have a brand all of my own.

I  “re-invented” myself as a handicraft bicycle maker by founding and self-financing a  company in Pordenone that is the city where I was born and where I want to stay to have my lab.

I firmly believe in a true Made in Italy brand that historically is associated with quality, creativity, elegance, style and ingenuity. “MESSAGGERO VENETO




Solar and tranquil in the veins, but with plenty of character. Sportwomen, former player of basketball but bicycle-dependent. She would move always and only by bicycle.  She’s the one who gets her hands less dirty – rightly – among us. She loves healthy eating and she is a mom of two twins.



The biker! Oh yeah! He has 20 years of cycling career and his passion is a true passion. He’s a childhood friend with whom I shared most of my time outside. If our old  bicycles could talk … they would tell quite a lot.

Tireless worker, dedicated to rally by chance and with a passion for DH (mountain bike).

Massimo & Elvis -Criterium TS




Our challenge started with the creation of two chassis, one for men and one for women, the  sophisticated and elegant design of the latter is recorded and deposited internationally.  The geometries of Mopbike bicycles are studied to make the bicycles agile and fast and at the same time comfortable and relaxing.

Mopbike bikes are built entirely by hand with exclusive aluminum and carbon materials – and high quality components.

To make our items even more unique we are making by hand  also some components and accessories such as the Mopbike leather saddle or the traveling pouches.

We want to guarantee you a perfect product; we test each new bicycle personally, to be sure to give you a perfect artisanally crafted product.

But above all we like to talk to you!




The relationship aspect is fundamental for us, otherwise how could we make your dreams come true?


The project is done with and for you, and we do not just build a bicycle but an experience and a relationship that lasts over time.

We are at your disposal to discuss with you your new project or answer your questions.

By the way, if you have any questions contact us or call +393383072536




What we can do for you:

  1. We decide together which is the best bycicle for you and for the use it is intended for. This helps us to understand the features of the chassis and the best geometries.
  1. You receive the project and later we will collect together your anthropometric measurements.  AH! Don’t worry, It can also be done at a distance; We have made a  manual that follows you step by step. It’s easy. We need the measurements for the size of the  frame made for you. During the time of implementation we’ll come back to you with some photos or details
  1. Bike Fitting: The bicycle will be delivered to you with the biomechanical window – or put in the saddle – ready for your bike rides.



Thank you so much for coming here and reading. It’s a pleasure for us.

Now if you want to continue your journey look at the first electric bike which is tailor-made and weighing only 11.9 kg and with  a charging system bases on pedaling!


See you soon!


Massimo, Francesca, Elvis