Fare è innovare (Prof. Micelli)

Start Up allo stato solido (Mopbike)


Saturday 21st January

A short call and one second to say YES! That was the invitation


Ca’ Foscari University – Venice – for Caffè Cafoscarini event


To illustrate our story and learn by Prof. Stefano Micelli and the “Futuro Artigiano” Manifesto


Last 21st of January we have been storytellers of our project, although young, but probably representative of the Prof. Micelli’ studies (Futuro Artigiano)




An historical change, from Henry Ford model, standardization, mass market product, to a new value of handcraft work.

Custom made, personalization, dexterity, Made in Italy, all these aspects are representative of the new artisan but it’s not enough. We need to contaminate our work with digital area, 3d Print, Laser, Cnc, Internet of Things.

The experts say that this is the way out from this global crisis.

img_2176 img_2188


Mopbike is trying to do that: a Mopbike is handmade in Italy, it’s designed with a Cad 3d, using cnc, 3d printing, welded by expert hands and assembled like a collectionist.

We spent several hours to listening Prof. Micelli, give answers, and  learning from other people and guests. A fantastic time that permitted us to grow and stimulate Mopbike for the future.


“We don’t know how we can go fast with a Caffè, in any case yesterday we have made a fantastic ride with the amazing bicycles of Massimo Ottavio Pavan (www.mopbike.com)” Elvis Colla