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We produce custom-handmade bicycles in Italy – a real made in Italy – of high manufacturing and quality. The project is made with and for the client, creating a unique experience.

Models for the city, commuter, for cycling – trekking, long distance and “grinduro” -,  track – pistard and criterium – and for all those who want a personal and unique product, both for e-bike Zehus Bike+ and traditional bike.


The lightest (11.9 Kg) and the first tailor made e-bike.

The “H” Mopbike model is an innovative e-bike (pedelec) that mounts the fantastic Zehus system called Bike+ All in One, a patented technology that optimises the rider’s energy while biking.


The WOMAN Mopbike model has been thought for all women who want a new riding experience, fast, comfort and safety. PATENTED DESIGN


Mopbike Man model, is a bike built to last. The geometries are a good compromise between the road and city bike, sometimes too hard to ride and manage.

Read the test: Richarging by pedaling

TEST: “Richarging by pedaling”

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High quality components make all Mopbike prestigious and safety.

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