“Every bicycle becomes Mopbike only if we would use ourselves first…”, we want to ensure the end user e perfect product, so we test each new bike personally, to be sure to offer a product handcrafted exemplary. Each bike is designed, realized, assembled and well-finished with the utmost care.

Designed and handcrafted in Italy

Mopbike “H” Hybrid represent a new concept of e-bike: it is equipped with an innovative engine realized by the Politecnico of Milan (Zehus) called Bike+ All in One, a patented technology that optimizes cyclist’s energy while riding.

Mopbike “H” on bike+ function is completely self-sufficient, that is independent from the traditional energy sources. While riding this innovative system assists you and, at the same time, recharges itself providing a “infinitive” e-bike thanks to BIKE+ technology.

The bike is also equipped with KERS (Kinetic energy Recovery System) that is common used in Formula 1: this system allows to recharge the battery pedaling back and at the same time slows down the bike.

The “H” Hybrid is a bicycle that embodies the typical elegance, style and quality of all our bikes, and the innovation of this sophisticated electrical system, 250W, making it the assisted bicycles among the lightest on the market with only 11.9 kg total weight.


For further information on Zehus system don’t hesitate to contact us!


Details (*)

Frame: Aluminum Mopbike different thikness

Fork: Carbon fiber

Head set: semi integrated 1″ 1/8

Chain: Belt Carbon drive

Pedelec: Hub Zehus Bike+ All in one

Shift: single speed

Crankset: Shimano Alfine Hollowtech II

Bottom bracket: Shimano Alfine Hollowtech II

Pedals: Aluminum

Stem: Aluminum Mopbike

Handlebar: Aluminum road or riser

Lever: Tektro/Shimano Aluminum

Saddle: Mopbike leather

Tape: Mopbike

Seat Post: Carbon fiber or Interlock with integrated lock

Rims: Aluminum high profile

Brakes: Shimano

Tires: Marathon Schwalbe 700×28 or Vittoria Rubino o Corsa Grafene 700×28

Weight: 11,9 Kg

Available colors: chocolate, charcoal metallic, brilliant red, beige, Wood style. Other colors on request.


(*) As reported above can be customized according to customer specifications